Herpes Cleanse: The New Cure for Herpes

Oral as well as genital herpes is not only agonizing, but also embarrassing. People who are infected by herpes may find it difficult to admit their current conditions due to the social humiliation they may experience.

They may also be in denial, as this type of condition or disease is considered permanent. Those infected by the herpes simplex virus often feel alienated as well as self-conscious. As a result, they tend to avoid seeking medical help because of the shame and embarrassment they feel.

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Herpes Cleanse the Basics: What is Herpes and Herpes Simplex Virus?

Herpes is a viral condition or disease that is categorized into two types:

  • Oral herpes. Oral herpes or herpes labialis is a kind of herpes that is usually found on a person’s lips. It is also called fever blisters, cold sores, herpes simplex labialis, orobial herpes and recurrent herpes labialis. During an oral herpes outbreak, small sores or blisters develop around an infected person’s lips. These sores normally heal within two up to three weeks. However, the virus is still dormant in the person’s facial nerves. On the average, oral herpes sores recur at least 12 times per year.
  • Genital herpes. Genital herpes or herpes genitalis is a viral infection in a person’s genitals. It is usually transmitted through sexual intercourse with an infected person. Most people who are infected with this kind of herpes do not know that they have it. They will only realize that they are infected once they experience an outbreak.

The herpes simplex virus or HSV is the primary culprit for causing herpes. It is classified into two distinct categories:

  • HSV-1. This type of herpes simplex virus is normally responsible for most cold sores. It is normally the main cause of oral herpes.
  • HSV-2. This kind of herpes simplex virus is responsible for causing genital sores. It is usually the culprit of genital herpes.
  • Once you are infected with the herpes simplex virus, it will go through the cells situated in the skin’s lower levels. The virus will then reproduce and eventually manifest through blisters as well as sores. Itchy as well as painful outbreaks occur randomly and is said to have no cure.

    They say that people infected with herpes will have them forever. It is a disease that is carried for life, as the body’s immune system finds it difficult to locate and battle HSV. Whether a person is infected with oral or genital herpes, his or her life is changed forever. They may find themselves hiding their condition as one of their deepest and darkest secrets. Herpes Cleanse is a new program that can be your armor for pesky herpes virus.

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    Herpes Cleanse the Basics: The Various Signs and Symptoms of Herpes

    Although herpes has no definitive cure, it is still important to detect it at an earlier stage so infected people can receive the appropriate treatments for their condition. In order to detect herpes early, it is important to know its various signs and symptoms.

    • Burning, itching and tingling sensations. Tingling, burning or itching sensations usually occur on the infected area just before the blisters or sores appear. Those who are infected with HSV have no choice but to endure any kind of pain or discomfort caused by their blisters or sores.
    • Sores. Fluid-filled sores or blisters may appear on the skin, once the outbreak starts. These sores are normally painful. Fluid may come out of the sores and form crusts once they break. For oral herpes, sores appear on the infected person’s lips as well as areas around the mouth. Some sores also appear on the person’s face and tongue. For genital herpes, the sores normally appear on an infected person’s buttocks, vagina, penis or anus. In the case of women, they can also appear inside the vagina.
    • Flu-like symptoms. Muscle aches, fever and swollen lymph nodes in the neck or groin area are some of the examples of flu-like symptoms that manifest in a herpes infection. If you find it difficult to contain these symptoms, it is important to see the doctor right away in order to avoid experiencing any other types of complications.
    • Urinating problems. People, especially the women, who are infected with genital herpes may experience difficulty in urinating. Since blisters and sores may even appear inside the women’s genitalia, they may feel extreme discomfort and difficulty while they urinate. They may experience pain or a burning sensation when they urinate.
    • Eye infections. There are instances when herpes simplex virus can spread to a person’s eye or eyes. Infected people can experience light sensitivity, pain, discharge or a gritty feeling. Those who experience eye infections should immediately see a doctor in order to prevent partial loss of eyesight or even blindness.
      Once these symptoms appear, you can expect them to heal within two to three weeks for oral herpes. Genital herpes may take longer to heal, as outbreaks can last from two up to six weeks. They have a tendency to recur or develop once again after a few weeks or months, depending on when the herpes simplex virus is triggered.

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    Herpes Cleanse the Basics: The Different Causes of Herpes

    Oral as well as genital herpes have many causes. It is best to inform yourself with how the disease is transmitted in order to perform some preventive measures as well as avoid contracting the pesky disease.

    Having direct contact with an infected person is one of the most common causes of herpes transmission. Direct contact usually transmits bodily fluids such as saliva, open sore fluids and semen. People may contract the disease through the exchange of saliva for oral herpes. For genital herpes, the viral disease is often transmitted through oral sex or sexual intercourse.

    Once you have contracted the disease, there is no way of curing it. You may experience recurrence for at least five times a year. Herpes outbreak is often triggered because of various situations such as fatigue, menstruation, illnesses, surgery, stress and trauma. Once these situations have taken its toll on the infected person, he or she is bound to experience another outbreak.

    Knowing the different causes of this viral disease can help save lives. It may not be deadly at first but it can take over a person’s life drastically. Herpes may start with a simple itch; however, it gets more and more dangerous as it progresses. This is why it is imperative that those with the disease seek medical help as soon as the disease manifests.

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    Herpes Cleanse – A New Cure For Herpes

    Herpes is usually treated using the medicines prescribed by doctors. They are to heal within a couple of weeks. However, they may come back after a while, as the treatments are only to alleviate the symptoms and not the main disease.

    Those who are infected with the herpes simplex virus may lose hope because their condition has no definite cure. However, due to several efforts, there is now an effective cure that can battle the primary cause of herpes.

    Herpes Cleanse is a program that uses all-natural methods that targets the exact location of herpes in the body. This revolutionary medical remedy is the answer to all the prayers of people who are haunted by the herpes simplex virus. Finally, there is now a solution to those unwanted as well as unflattering sores.

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    What is Herpes Cleanse?

    Dr. Christiane Beuhler is the proponent of Herpes Cleanse. Dr. Beuhler’s personal experience with herpes became her inspiration to develop a cure for the disease. Like any other herpes infected patients, she was shocked when she found out that she was diagnosed with the viral disease.

    Because of herpes, Dr. Beuhler turned her passion towards battling the disease. With extensive research as well as experiments, she has finally developed a program that will put an end to all suffering related to herpes.

    Another doctor, William Paterson, MD, also studied the herpes simplex virus for a long time. Dr. Paterson has been trying to develop a cure for herpes for over 22 years. This led to his discovery of Herpes Cleanse. This herpes remedy is in the form of an e-book that has a step-by-step guide on how to cure herpes.

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    What Makes Herpes Cleanse Unique?

    Skeptics may question the effectivity of Herpes Cleanse. However, Dr. Paterson said that this revolutionary medical breakthrough would shock the whole medical world. In fact, it has already worked for 54,000 people.
    Why is this herpes remedy effective in battling the viral disease? The answer is in its unique nature. The program is effective because it is:

    • All Natural. According to the e-book guide, Herpes Cleanse makes use of all-natural ingredients that have attributes that can put an end to herpes. Because of its all-natural components, users can easily find the ingredients in grocery stores or in their own kitchen.
    • Right on Target. The great thing about this herpes remedy is it is right on target. It targets the primary cause of herpes, even if it is known for being a sneaky virus. It tackles the main cause of the disease, which is why it is very effective.
    • Well-Researched. The proponents of this cure have been conducting research for over 22 years. Therefore, this herpes remedy is guaranteed tried and tested. So far, thousands of people were said to have been cured because of Herpes Cleanse.

    Because of its uniqueness, Herpes Cleanse program may raise some eyebrows. However, it may also be exactly what herpes infected patients are looking for.

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    How Does Herpes Cleanse Work?

    For a long time, people infected with the herpes simplex virus have suffered the disease’s outbreaks. This is one of the reasons why most people do not recover from it, as it is believed to be incurable. The body does not have what it takes to get rid of HSV because it is one of the trickiest viruses. The body’s immune system is not able to detect it, as it hides in the body using a protein called ICP47.

    ICP47 or Infected Cell Protein 47 is responsible for enhancing the herpes simplex virus by acting as a barricade of the response of the CBD T cell. It gives the HSV the capability to attack the immune system and get back to where it is hiding. Its attack and hide methodology prevents the body’s immune system from recognizing it right away. These protein-coated HSVs are undetectable; therefore, it is free to wreak havoc in the body as well as on your life whenever and wherever they want.
    What makes Herpes Cleanse better than any other herpes cure? What makes it work? The secret is in the extensive research conducted by Dr. Paterson. Every trial and error showed different scenarios of the virus. However, because of his studies, he was able to deduce that the effectivity of this product is also dependent on the immunity system of the patient.

    If the patient’s immunity system is weak, it will not be able to defeat the herpes simplex virus even if medications are taken or applied. However, a strong immunity system together with Herpes Cleanse can surely defeat the virus. The proponents took into consideration the body’s immune system in order to fully defeat HSV.

    Additional components that can help strengthen the body’s immunity are included in the formula in order to create a cure that really works. You can now strengthen your immune system as well as get rid of your dreaded viral disease. Using Herpes Cleanse can help you get rid of that pesky HSV once and for all.

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    How to Use Herpes Cleanse

    Herpes Cleanse formula is easy to use, as it is a step-by-step guide on how to eliminate herpes. Anyone can follow the instructions and they can be done in five minutes. Patients can simply read and follow the guide and they can already put the HSV to rest forever.

    Most ingredients for Herpes Cleanse include vitamins, oils, herbs and various superfoods that are normally found in the kitchen or in the local grocery store. Therefore, you can easily find what you need without having to travel to far places. You also do not have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for this treatment.

    Follow the guide for 17 days and you will notice the results immediately. You do not need any technical skills or expertise in order to use this remedy. You just have to use the guide and you are on your way to a better and herpes-free life.

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    The Many Benefits of Using Herpes Cleanse

    For some, Herpes Cleanse may sound too good to be true. However, hearsays as well as negative opinions about the product should not prevent you from trying it out. You might be surprised at how effective this herpes solution is.
    Herpes Cleanse is not just a temporary solution; it is an answered prayer for people who suffer from herpes. Those who use this product can experience several benefits such as:

    • Health benefits. By using Herpes Cleanse, patients can experience the health benefits that the product has to offer. It can effectively remove the herpes simplex virus, despite its treacherous nature. It attacks the main problem in order to prevent it from reproducing or spreading again. You no longer have to worry about outbreak recurrence, as this solution targets the root cause of herpes.
    • Physical benefits. Are you are tired of hiding for weeks because of herpes? You do not have to hide anything anymore, as Herpes Cleanse can eliminate those painful and unflattering oral and genital sores. It will leave your skin looking smooth and sore free. You can now say goodbye to those disgusting sores and blisters using this miracle herpes cure.
    • Emotional benefits. Herpes can cause emotional stress to a person because of its appearance and nature. Those who have painful blisters and sores may not only feel physical pain, but also emotional agony. They may also feel depressed, sad, ashamed or lonely. This herpes remedy can help you feel happier and more confident again. By using this herpes solution, those who are infected with the disease can now feel good about themselves. There are no more embarrassing or awkward feeling, as this solution can surely keep your skin and genitals free from the infection.
    • Social benefits. You can now talk to the hot guy or girl in your office without feeling self-conscious. You can finally go on a date without worrying about any sores or infections. You can finally enjoy your social life without having to worry about your hidden secret. Now, you no longer have to avoid anyone just because of your disease. You get to enjoy your life to the fullest because of this effective remedy.
    • Financial benefits. Instead of seeking short-term treatments, you can finally look for a reliable cure for herpes. You may have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a remedy that will only alleviate the symptoms, instead of treating the main disease. Herpes Cleanse is a cheap, yet effective cure that helps prevent the viral disease from coming back. As a result, you get a smooth skin and a fatter wallet.

    With the help of this miracle herpes cure, people who are infected with the HSV are sure to change drastically. They can experience many benefits that can help them improve the way they live their lives.

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    Use Herpes Cleanse and Do Not Let Herpes Take Over Your Life

    Once you are infected with herpes, it is normal to feel helpless or shocked. However, it is inexcusable to let the herpes simplex virus ruin your whole life. You may have contracted a permanent disease, but your life should not stop there. You should still be optimistic, as a miracle will surely happen.

    Although it was said to have no cure, herpes should not hinder you from living your life the way you want to. Luckily, the development and creation of Herpes Cleanse can give back the life that the people infected with the virus have lost.
    You now have an option to get your happiness back from this dreaded disease. Using this revolutionary herpes cure, you can now get rid of the herpes simplex virus once and for all. Its all-natural components and ingredients are effective in tackling the devious virus.

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    Herpes Cleanse -The Cure that is Worth Every Penny

    You may think that Herpes Cleanse is expensive because of its promising results. The great news is that this herpes solution only costs $39.17. This makes it worth every penny compared to other short-term remedies, as it can be the ultimate solution to all your herpes problems. Another bonus is that the proponents offer a 365-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. This guarantee only shows that the proponents are really confident at what Herpes Cleanse can do for you.

    Compared to short-term remedies that do not fully eliminate HSV, Herpes Cleanse is the best alternative treatment. It costs less but its performance as well as ability to tackle the main cause of herpes is remarkable. There is nothing like this remedy, as most pharmaceutical companies do not acknowledge it because their industry may collapse. Its effectivity in dealing with herpes is tried and tested by thousands of herpes infected patients.

    What are you waiting for? The power to get your life back is in your hands. Herpes Cleanse is within your reach. You can purchase it online and you can start getting rid of herpes as soon as possible.

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    Try Herpes Cleanse Now

    Are you tired of living your life as if you are always hiding something? Are you tired of being embarrassed of yourself? Herpes is indeed a life changer; however, you no longer have to let it rule over your entire life. You can now enjoy living your life like any normal person with the help of Herpes Cleanse.

    With the help of Herpes Cleanse, you can now change your whole life in a matter of 17 days. This amazing herpes remedy is the answer to your problems. It can improve as well as remove herpes-related conditions such as painful sores as well as uncomfortable blisters.

    In just a matter of three weeks, you will immediately notice promising results. You can now throw all your fears away, as you can now beat and win over your battle against herpes.

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